Asset Management Module
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Have you lost the overview of your assets?

Have you lost the overview of your assets?
The Asset Management Module (AMM) is your cloud based solution to manage all your company assets. Increase your efficiency by centrally managing your inventory.
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AMM - Features

AMM - Features
Asset overview Keep the overview of your entire inventory. Assign attributes easily to your assets. This gurantees that cost center administrators can quickly display the inventory data of their cost center.
Asset movement AMM tracks all asset movements automatically.
Warranty and Repairs Track your warranty periods as well as repairs of your whole inventory.
Label Printing Define and create specific labels for all your devices.
Insurance verification Create quickly and easily an inventory list for your insurance verification.
Reports Generate individual reports.

AMM - How it works

AMM - How it works
Inventory structure
The Administrator defines the corporate inventory structure and specifies dependencies.
Catalog assets
The responsible user catalogs the assets and defines related attributes. Additionally, he has the possibility to print specific device labels.
Track asset movement
The responsible user has the possibility to display and analyse all asset movements.
Inventory overview
Based on different filteroptions, the user can display exactly what he needs.
Create Reports
The inventory manager has the possibility to create different types of reports.