Document Content Management
Master your document content – easy & flexible

Are you struggling with keeping your company’s documents well organized?

Are you struggling with keeping
your company’s documents well
The Document Content Management (DCM) is your cloud based solution to create highly customized documents. Generated with your own templates based on the company’s CI/CD and predefined content, your documents are always at hand and up-to-date.
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DCM – Features

DCM – Features
Highly Customizable Create your own document covers, page templates based on the company’s CI/CD, group data by categories
Easy & Up-to-Date Update your data and have an updated document generated for you with just a click of a button
Role-Based Access Grant users different access types based on their role in your company
Corporate Language Define standard text modules compliant with your company language, add information in your own created fields
Word Processor Create your page templates in a word processor using placeholders and upload them to DCM
Centralized Data Storage Store your company data in a single repository

DCM – How it works

DCM - How it works
Create categories, fields, pages and upload CI/CD compliant templates using placeholders, add content in your corporate language.
Compile a document: define its structure by categories, covers, and pages.
Generate a fully customized document with case specific content.
Share the CI/CD compliant document with your colleagues, partners, vendors or customers.